Bethany House Ministries‘ mission is to create a compassionate, healing, environment of hope and to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to those facing challenges, especially those impacted by the harsh realities of prison. Bethany House provides support to those who have been impacted by prison through compassion, healing, and hope. The Dominican Sisters of Bethany’s vision was to create a community where people of faith could gather and live. This resulted in the creation of the Bethany House of Hope, which provides a healthy transitional community with reentry services, that guides residents into self-sufficiency. 

In this partnership, Project Place will offer holistic case management supports and workforce development programming. Bethany House will serve as a supportive transitional community where individuals can stay at Bethany House of Hope and have access to transitional employment opportunities at The Hope Chest

An couple recent client stories that illustrate this partnership are Nicole’s story and Michael’s story

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