Program: Industry Internship Program (IIP)

Timeline; 4-weeks to graduate

After graduating from Work Ready, clients can move onto the Industry Internship Program, or IIP. IIP offers more advanced training than Work Ready. It also will help narrow down the path you want to work on. SPARRC and Work Ready focus largely on building the foundation. IIP is where you can really take off. In this stage, participants begin to follow specific industries paths. IIP will also begin the transition out of the classroom by blending classroom and fieldwork. Getting experience in the field outside of the classroom will be incredibly helpful for applying for jobs. Clients will still learn useful topics that can be applied anywhere, topics such as business fundamentals and customer service; however the main focus is on skills specific to the industry they are working towards.


There are 5 main industries that Project Place focuses on. We chose industries that cover a range of skill levels and interests.

  • Logistics – transportation and vending
  • Food Service – cooking and catering
  • Public Maintenance – cleaning, light landscaping, janitorial
  • Customer Service
  • Human Services

In addition to covering many areas, we chose these industries for a few different reasons.

These industries have accessible entry-level jobs. They also feature national credentials. Earning these credentials can make up for long gaps in work history or outdated skills. For those with a history of court involvement, or CORIs, these are friendly industries. We also look at trends in the job market to determine our industries. The ones we selected are all already popular, and growing, areas in Boston. With more growth, that means more job openings and more of a chance to be hired. Finally, we look at advancement. How likely are promotions? Does the field offer just a job or does it offer a career. We want each person to find a path to sustainable employment. This means eventually earning the living wage of Boston or higher!

We regularly update IIP with information from local employers. And it is meant to give clients a competitive edge as job candidates. Some industry specific learning we cover includes topics like sales, software & technology, apps and digital devices, on the job health and safety, how to operate tools and mechanical equipment, the invoicing process, and product display.

Another important goal of IIP is to develop soft skills. It’s important to know industry language and terms, how to resolve conflicts, and time management. Along the 4-weeks program, participants are prepared to test for national, industry-recognized credentials to boost the resume. Currently, we offer credentials for: Customer Service, ServSafe, OSHA 10, Commercial Drivers License (CDLs), and Forklift/Hoisting.