Suzanne Kenney's headshot




Suzanne Kenney

Executive Director


Headshot of Alan Lehmann




Alan Lehmann

Director of Finance & Social Enterprise


Headshot of Polly Hanson




Polly Hanson

Associate Director




Headshot of Nhu-Y




Nhu-Y Nguyen

Accounting & Admin Manager






Vidyalani Krishnasamy

Staff Accountant








Katy Dirks

Director of Development






Rose Lovett

Special Events & Communications Coordinator





Sebastian Sansone

Development Coordinator



Workforce Development & Career Services




Beth Carter

Director of Reentry




Alexandra Carlino

Reentry Instructor






Nicole Whitcomb

Reentry Case Manager





Allie Orlando

Director of Career Services





Nate Root

Employment Specialist






Gina DiStefano

Industry Internship Program Coordinator


Headshot of Victoria Patlajan




Victoria Patlajan

Manager of Workforce Development


Female headshot silhouette



Alexandra Fiske

Adult Education Teacher & Case Manager


Silhouette of a male headshot



Manny Zenquis

Adult Education Teacher & Case Manager


Client & Alumni Services

Headshot of Azeb Girma




Azeb Girma

Senior Case Manager


Headshot of Don Mitchell




Donald Mitchell

Veterans’ Outreach Employer Coordinator


Female headshot silhouette



Emily Rittenour

Stabilization Manager


Female headshot silhouette



Carol Reid

Betty’s Place, Program & Housing Coordinator



Social Enterprises/Operations

Headshot of June McCoy-Reid




June McCoy-Reid



Headshot of Jackson Sena




Jackson Sena

Clean Corners… Bright Hopes and LEAP, Operations Manager


Silhouette of a male headshot



Grenville Freeman

LEAP, Site Supervisor


Silhouette of a male headshot



Joel Reyes

Clean Corners… Bright Hopes, Operations Supervisor


Silhouette of a male headshot



Wilfredo Rodriguez

Clean Corners… Bright Hopes, Site Supervisor





Loie Williams

WOW, Manager






Pam Goncalves

WOW, Program Coordinator/Case Manager



Female headshot silhouette



Heather Hayes

WOW, Recruiter & Site Supervisor


Female headshot silhouette



Brandi Austin

WOW, Assistant Site Supervisor