Starting from Work Ready, Project Place offers a career development and employment help program. This is also a service that may be available to people not currently enrolled who just need some extra guidance.

Career Services is centered around job search assistance, job advancement and retention – the skills to keep the job long-term. Career Services also works with local employers and businesses in Boston. This is to keep people informed of new opportunities in the area, to help make our training better, and to hire graduates. Meanwhile, instructors and case managers help clients learn to communicate effectively on the job. They teach the importance of being a dependable worker and how to get ahead in a career.

Some other services you can access include:

Career building

Before someone can start a career, they need the skills to make sure they can succeed. This means both succeed at getting it and then at keeping it. At Project Place, the Career Coordinator will help with this. The Coordinator helps to set up connections to important resources like colleges and other educational pathways. They also offer career skill assessments, career-focused case management, and organize enrichment workshops. The workshops are currently run twice a week. They are run by either staff or professionals in the field. Workshops range in what topics they cover, but they are all helpful. Some common areas include coping strategies, creative writing, mental wellness, and budgeting.

Finding opportunities

While building up career skills, looking for jobs is the next step. Career Services will:

  • help people look for jobs in the area of their choice and based on what skills they have/are learning
  • host monthly job fairs with a rotating list of employers looking to hire
  • constantly be on the lookout for new job openings, events, and places that are hiring

On a bi-weekly basis, we release an employer update which highlights recent client success and openings. You can access that here. For now, we are limiting to those currently enrolled and you will need to enter your case manager’s name.

Filling out applications

Great! You’ve found an opening and it fits your interests and abilities. Now, to help you get started, Career Services can assist you in filling out the application. This includes:

  • help with creating a resume
  • computer lab time to receive help filling out the application
  • feedback sessions

With the computer lab, clients train on up-to-date hardware and software that mirrors what they would find in a well-equipped workplace. The lab provides an excellent, business-like setting for clients to set up a professional email, work on their resumes and apply for jobs. It also serves as an informal meeting place where clients can share helpful information about jobs and housing progress.

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