Project Place runs a large program, the Workforce Development Program. There are several smaller programs within this that each teach different levels of skills. To move onto the next phase, clients will need to graduate from the previous. The program is updated regularly to match what the job market is looking for in employees. We focus on teaching the skills to find long-term, fulfilling careers. As many of the clients in training are coming back to the workforce after a long period of time, we also teach job readiness skills like how to find and apply for jobs, workplace professionalism, and how to succeed at your job.

Program: Work Ready

Timeline; 4-weeks to graduate

Every client will go through Work Ready. This is to make sure that they have the basic skills to succeed in their job. Work Ready takes place in a classroom and computer lab at Project Place. The first step is to learn what skills you already can bring to the table. Some parts of the program may be easier or more difficult than others, but they are all important skills to ultimately help you find and do well at employment.

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Program: Industry Internship Program (IIP)

Timeline; 4-weeks to graduate

After graduating from Work Ready, clients can move onto the Industry Internship Program, or IIP. IIP offers more advanced training than Work Ready. It focuses on specific industries to help you narrow down where you want to work. IIP will also begin the transition out of the classroom by blending classroom and fieldwork, covering a wide range of topics. Clients will learn general skills, such as business fundamentals and customer service, as well as skills specific to the industry they are working towards.

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Program: Project Place Enterprises

Timeline; 1-3 months, up to 6 months

Lined up with the work from the Industry Internship Program, Project Place runs 3 businesses that help clients gain industry experience and a reputable work history. Employees work 20 hours per week on a flexible schedule to accommodate family and personal life. Employees also earn a regular paycheck that can be a good opportunity to save up for housing or other big life expenses. During this time, employees continue to receive case management and work with career development services to search for a permanent position to transition to. Employees of the enterprise are supported by Project Place staff and enter an inviting community where they can engage with their coworkers and practice without fear of failure. For many clients, this success is key to building the confidence to move forward.

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