“The pandemic has impacted me financially. Everything seems to be more expensive. Things take longer to take care of… It’s affected me in a lot of ways.”
Monica came to Project Place seeking support and opportunity in the midst the pandemic in August 2020. She completed our Work Ready class and Industry Internship Program before working in our Working Opportunities for Women (WOW) program for three months.

Monica’s WOW supervisor, Jailene says, “Monica was an absolutely joy to have at WOW. I knew from the very beginning she would shine wherever she landed after. Her determination to better her life and help the people around her is truly inspiring.”

Monica says, “Project Place gave me so many different opportunities to better myself mentally, physically, and financially. I’ve learned responsibility and consistency. I’ve become more resourceful. This will help me stay steady and stable in my recovery.”

Monica says she wants to help other people with their recovery and mental health and “be an example of what an ‘addict’ in recovery looks like”.
A few weeks ago, Monica moved on from WOW when she was hired as a Peer Support Specialist. We are very excited that she will also be helping people in a human services career!

Monica’s number one goal now is to move into her new apartment. She also recently bought a car to help her commute to and from her new job.
Today, Monica says she is most proud of her intelligent daughter. Due to her experience working with other women in WOW, she has come to see women in a different light, and that feels good. She says, “It has made me a stronger woman.” In WOW, women grow together through supporting one another, and Monica will pass that lesson on to her daughter.

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