“I first heard about Project Place through a friend that I met in a program,” says Lauren, “I decided to come to Project Place after researching the program online. This is the first time I’ve really taken my recovery seriously and Project Place gave me the small, slow steps I needed to take to become a good member of society. This program saved my life. It gave my children and me a second chance.

At Project Place, I have learned how to work well with others. The programs have taught me how to be accountable, responsible, stable and remain teachable. Project Place has given me a good support system and let me know I am not alone.

The pandemic made it harder to find housing and work. When I first started with Project Place, I had low self-esteem and not much hope for the road ahead. That was about 5 months ago! I now feel stronger and have better confidence in myself. I am close to having my car back on the road. I have a chance at housing for my family, and I am soon to be reunited with my children in the next few months. Project Place gave me all the tools I needed to show me there is hope for me to provide a life for me and my children if I work the program right and stick to it.”

Currently, Lauren is a participant in our transitional employment program, Working Opportunities for Women (WOW). With support from her Project Place case manager and the WOW team, Lauren is moving steadily toward her goals of securing housing and employment, getting her car on the road, and reuniting with her children. She is in the process of job searching and has had multiple interviews in the past week. With 9 months of sobriety and a support system, Lauren is hopeful for her and her children’s futures. “I want to remain growing as a person,” says Lauren.

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