What inspires Shaunta to work in WOW?

“The girls at Project Place inspire me. I have been through a lot of similar situations to them, so I can share my experience and knowledge with them. WOW has given me a chance to give back. ”

What is a day in the life of Shaunta like at Project Place? What would we find you doing on a typical day?

“On a typical day, you would find me supporting the girls and making hot fudge, labeling, packing and moving pallets in and out of the factory.”

What would Shaunta like people to understand about the challenges that women, especially mothers, who are experiencing homelessness and poverty face?

“I would like people to understand that it is not easy for women, and especially mothers in shelters with their kids. It takes time to get housing, but it is important that these women don’t give up and don’t leave before a miracle can happen.”

What is Shaunta working on that she’s most excited about right now?

“I am most excited about getting our backlog down. Because of the pandemic, we have had a lot of back orders, but we are finally caught up. I’m also excited to be able to work with this community every day!”

Outside of Project Place, what does Shaunta enjoy doing in her free time?

“Outside of Project Place, I enjoy spending time with my kids.”

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