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We invite you to join Project Place’s #GivingTuesday campaign this November! This year’s donations will fund our NavSack program, which helps individuals take the first steps towards building a better life after incarceration.

The first 24 hours out of prison or jail are incredibly overwhelming. Often, individuals are released with only the clothes they went in with, unsure where to go or what to do. The lack of resources can make starting and sustaining a successful reentry process challenging. These individuals need our help most urgently during cold weather, as they often leave prison or jail without adequate clothing and without a place to go to stay warm.With winter quickly approaching, we need your help. Donate to help Project Place distribute NavSacks filled with daily essentials and resource guides that will lead individuals to Project Place’s reentry services. Our comprehensive services help reentering individuals get back on their feet and turn their life around.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 to provide 40 NavSacks to individuals reentering society in the greater Boston Area this winter. We appreciate contributions of any size. A few dollars goes a long way toward helping someone rebuild their life.

Please visit our campaign page at:

What inspires Danny to work at Project Place?    “I’m inspired by the clients’ perseverance as they work towards improving their lives.”   What is a day in the life of Danny like at Project Place?   “A day in the life consists of conducting outreach to facilitators to schedule workshops, as well as searching for additional low-cost higher education opportunities for our clients.”  What would Danny like people…

What inspires Nate to work at Project Place?  “Hearing the stories and experiences clients bring to Project Place and their enduring hope and perseverance inspires me. If they can continue to stay positive and encouraged to improve their situation, I want to do anything I can to help them achieve their goals. There are so…

What inspires Gina to work at Project Place?  “My favorite part of working at Project Place is building relationships with the clients. Clients can sometimes have their guard up when they first come in, especially if they’ve been let down by the system for a long time. It’s always inspiring to see clients find their…

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