The night was short, it passed us by before we knew it, but we were able to hear so many powerful stories from both current students and alumni; those still forging ahead in spite of the many setbacks they’ve faced. Yolanda, Dexter, Tommy, and Joli are inspirational individuals that are beacons of how impactful the power of change can be when you have the motivation to take the first step. If you want to see other stories from Project Place graduates, you can visit our Hope page.

To everyone who was able to make it out to the Gala on Tuesday, to everyone who contributed to the event either by sponsoring, donating, or buying tickets, thank you. First and foremost, Project Place is a community. Clients, staff, supporters, volunteers, whatever role you play, you and your commitment to make change are invaluable and we could not reach such magnificent heights without you by our side.

The goal we are trying to achieve is not simple. It can’t be solved overnight. That being said, it’s all too easy to miss the effect even small actions can have. The Gala is a great venue to showcase those changes. To see how far people can go when they’re given the time, support, and compassion that we here at Project Place specialize in delivering. Whether you’ve donated time, resources, or funds, you have been a part of this movement and we hope you continue to work alongside us in our mission.

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