The Reentry program at Project Place helps hundreds of men and women transition back into the community after incarceration through a combination of personal and professional supports, classroom-based job training and transitional employment. Oftentimes the program begins while individuals are still incarcerated. “What makes our reentry program very unique is that it has the ability to accommodate the client’s needs onsite.” What also makes the program unique is its Director, Beth Carter, whose positive attitude and can-do nature are infectious.

For the past three years, Beth has served as Director of Reentry at Project Place. Beth knew from an early age that she wanted to help people in her career: “I was known as ‘The Counselor’ among my friends, and the go-to person for advice.” In college, Beth studied criminal justice and upon graduation worked as a Probation Officer in Yonkers, NY, supervising young offenders. Today, Beth oversees programs that help individuals find a new way to live after incarceration. She also works to combat stigma employers may have around hiring ex-offenders and instead emphasizes the reality that many individuals are motivated to work and work hard so they can stabilize their lives and stay out of prison.

Individuals with a criminal record face significant challenges to finding a job, yet Project Place has seen tremendous success: 67% of reentry clients find employment; 63% are still working one year later; and recidivism is as low as 9%. Beth recognizes that we cannot do it alone. “What we can do as a community to ensure that people are successful in reentry is to give them a chance, to prove to they can be a part of the community. ”

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