As they begin their quests for job readiness, participants in our introductory Work Ready class are given a chance to try their hand at a mock job interview. Not only is the ability to effectively communicate a valuable skill that will be used in everyday life, but interviewees gain insight into the expectations of the modern workplace. Volunteers serve as the interviewers and provide immediate feedback so clients know what they need to work on to ace the interview. Each interview is one-on-one and the class and instructor are also able to watch and provide feedback at the end. Classes run each month for 4 weeks so volunteers are always a new face to current students, which better simulates the typical job interview situation.

Learning how to communicate, how important body language is, and the types of questions usually asked at an interview are important aspects of what we try to teach. More than just obtaining a job, we hope each client builds the foundations for a lasting career. Alongside the technical skills they develop, it’s essential that clients get the necessary people skills to land the job.

This month we were fortunate to have Andrew Morrissette, who runs Concierge Operations at Highbridge Concierge, conduct the one-on-one interviews and offer suggestions and tips to improve on. It’s thanks to volunteers and community supporters that our students are prepared to enter the job market!

If you’d like to get involved in the work we do, visit our volunteer page. We welcome volunteers to put on workshops, to help out with instruction during Work Ready, and come up with or participate in many other types special projects.

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