Newly graduated clients of our first stabilization program holding up their certificates

The test pilot class, the first to graduate from the SPARRC program

As part of our strategic plan, we are building a new structure for initial and ongoing client stabilization. We have recognized an increased need to help individuals reach stability; to provide them with the proper resources to address both short and long-term barriers. This is a factor that continues throughout programming, but is especially important prior to enrollment. To address this need, we believe adding a dedicated stage for stabilization will allow more clients to participate in our programming. This month we ran a pilot program SPARRC (Stabilization Programming Around Recovery & Resilience Coaching) for two weeks with eleven clients, with many pictured here. SPARRC will officially launch in January and we expect to provide programming to about fifteen clients per month to begin with, who will engage in workshops and case management Monday-Friday. The programming will focus on stabilization supports around barriers to employment; including mental health, learning disabilities, recovery, and housing instability. All clients will receive wraparound clinical case management and connections to providers and community supports to enhance their work readiness skills.  

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