What is a day in the life of Beth like at Project Place?  

“A day in the life of Beth Carter is very fast paced. In a typical day, you can find me multi-tasking in a variety of roles, from grant oversight, supervision of staff, managing partnerships, and providing direct client support services. In a typical day, I find myself doing a multitude of things that ensure that staff and clients have the resources and support needed to effectively do their work, and wholeheartedly assist the individuals who seek our services to achieve their life goals.”

What inspires Beth to work in reentry? 

“What inspires me to do work in reentry is my longheld belief that formerly incarcerated individuals and individuals under the jurisdiction of the court deserve to have access and opportunity to resources and support that allow them to successfully reintegrate back into their communities.”

What would Beth like people to understand about the challenge’s individuals face when they are reentering the community from incarceration?  

“What I would like people to understand about the challenges individuals face when they are reentering the community from incarceration is that the impact continues to follow them after incarceration, and it negatively affects aspects of their lives that stall or prevent their ability to thrive holistically, repair their families and build their communities. Formerly incarcerated individuals have limited access to housing and employment opportunities, which are key indicators to successful reintegration and lower the risk of the revolving door of incarceration (recidivism).” 

What is Beth working on that she’s most excited about right now? 

“I am most excited about expansion. This year we are expanding in two areas. Within our department, providing more class offerings that are tailored to this population to address their challenges and meet their needs, and expansion of our Reentry Model, partnering with stakeholders in other regions and increasing our reach to effectively serve more individuals in their communities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” 

Outside of Project Place, what would we find Beth doing? 

“Outside of Project Place, I enjoy spending quality time with my two boys, relaxing and baking.” 

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