Since moving to online learning in March, Project Place’s Industry Internship Program (IIP) has continued to provide individuals with industry specific learning and access to valuable credentialing opportunities. In addition to their core curriculum of subjects such as workplace safety, communication, and critical thinking, students are also learning COVID-19 specific workplace safety precautions and more!
Two recent IIP graduates reflect on their experiences with the remote program:

“I was caught in the crossfire of the pandemic. I was also in the first class of the new format.  All I can say is that Project Place went beyond “the call” and not only pulled off learning online but made it work. It was a memorable experience and I learned a lot. Not easy to say coming from a 60-yearold man. I am going through a transition in my life and am thankful that Project Place has been there for me. They are there when you need them. Project Place has your back”. 


“I really enjoyed the IIP class. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge, and all of the classes were very helpful and informative. The class subjects I enjoyed the most were:

1) Janitorial Safety Training

2) Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

3) Active listening: How to communicate effectively

4) Workplace Safety

5) Intro to Customer Service”

– Robert 

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