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Tony Raymond speaks at the golf tournament

Each year, Project Place invites a client alumnus to speak at the Annual Charity Golf Tournament about their experience. In 2015, we were honored to host Tony Raymond as our speaker. Tony shared his experience after his release from prison through his time in a halfway house, during which he attended classes at Project Place and worked in the social enterprises. Tony came to Project Place because he needed support to face the challenges to employment that many individuals with criminal records face. Tony showed up to class aware of the challenges ahead of him, but motivated to change his future by finding a job and long-term independence. As Tony puts it, “If you do good things and work hard, good things will happen for you.” Today, he is employed at two jobs: one at H&R Block and one at Home Depot. In the fall he is going back to school for tax preparation. We recognize that obtaining and sustaining reliable employment takes hard work over the long-term, and we support clients like Tony to grow and succeed. To this end, Project Place makes a commitment to our clients for up to two years post-placement. We are grateful for Tony’s hard work, determination and strength to share his story.

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