Danielle met Project Place staff initially during her recent incarceration. She was very excited to join the Community Reentry for Women (CREW) program that Project Place was offering to women inside the Suffolk County House of Correction. Danielle was determined to make her reentry into the community her most successful and her last, and she trusted in Project Place for support on her life journey. 

Danielle participated in and completed the 6-week CREW program. The program includes a life skills and work readiness course, supportive case management, and intensive discharge planning. CREW has successfully prepared women for reentry since the program’s inception in 2003. 

Upon her release, Danielle would have to worry about safely and legally making it back to her home state of New Hampshire, and reunifying with her 18-month-old son. She would have to push herself to remain sober and focus on her recovery, while also finding a job she would enjoy to provide her with a stable income. Danielle was diligent in her efforts to show everyone, including herself, that she could accomplish this. She was ready to do it all the right way; she had the proper supports in her corner and felt the possibilities become limitless for her. 

Danielle recently wrapped up her parole and reunified with her son! Danielle is now employed as a recovery coach, giving back to others who need support. Living in a more affordable space for her and her family, Danielle’s next pursuit is to pay off her fees on her license and get her vehicle insured and back on the road. Danielle is ready and willing to seek support and remains in touch with her case manager regularly. Project Place is highlighting Danielle not only for her dedication to her life achievements but for always keeping a positive attitude and passing on a smile to whoever she meets. 

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