To the Clients of Project Place,

Goodbyes are rarely—if ever— easy. And this one is proving to be no exception—

It is with mixed emotion that I write this letter announcing that I am leaving Project Place at the end of December. It has been such an honor to serve the mission of Project Place and to serve you these past 9 years.

Each of you are integral members of the Project Place community. When you crossed our threshold, you took the brave step to join on a team of students, colleagues, teachers, and guides. Each day I come to work I have had the pleasure of watching as each of you chart your own path to your personal and professional goals. You engage in your learning, growth, new connections, recovery and healing.

What you may be less aware of is just how much I have gained from each of you. As I transition out of my role as Associate Director, I have been able to reflect on the richness of my experience. One of the most persistent themes to emerge is how much I learn each day. In your personal stories, your victories, the injustices you confront and the redemption you experience—I see courage, tenacity, and love. These are lessons I take to heart and want to truly honor.

I am humbled by the powerful ways in which you show up and that you model hope and strength. Your collective light is a beacon to me as I set forth in the next chapter of my life. You give me this gift that I know will continue to provide warmth even on the coldest and darkest of days.

We are living in times that are confusing and overwhelming. Despite these difficult times Project Place remains a consistent source of care and compassion.  A community we return to, seeking refuge and nourishment before we set out again.

I am setting out on a new path. I look forward to opportunities to reconnect at future events and share in the fellowship of our community that gives us a sense of being home. Thank you for showing up with vulnerability and grace. Together we can work to make the world a more generous and kind place to be.

With love and gratitude,


It’s almost impossible for people to change alone. We need to join with others who will push us in our thinking and challenge us to do things we didn’t believe ourselves capable of.

— Frances Moore Lappé

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