Bernard Marcelin is a graduate of Project Place. He recently shared his writing with his teacher, Manny.

The Sea Called Life

When you are lost in this sea called life and see no way through, when the waters are rough, and the turbulence throws you back and forth, with no place to stand –

There is a light that shines over the horizon. It may seem far, but the journey towards this port on the sea is safe.

This port is called Project Place. There you will find the tools to repair your ship. The foundation of their lessons will equip you with what you need to succeed out there on the sea.

The days are long. Each lesson gives you keys that will open many doors. The lessons are theirs to give, but you must put them into practice.

They give you the tools. What you do with them is up to you, because one day you will leave this port called Project Place. Once back at sea, you are the captain, the master of your own destiny.

This port will always be there if you need it to weather the storm. You are always welcome.

This place is my safe harbor, the place to go and retool. For the turbulence is always there on the sea. Come when times are hard; the light at the horizon will be waiting for you. It’s called Project Place.

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