Photo of Mal, Project Place's newest case manager and instructor
“My name is Mal Maalin. I attended the College of the Holy Cross as an undergraduate. I took a couple of years off to explore my interest in social justice. I moved to Western Mass and enrolled at UMass Amherst to become a classroom teacher. I lived in the Springfield area for three years before relocating to the Greater Boston area. I have learned of Project Place after communicating with my sister and her colleague (Emily) who works here as well.”
My role at Project Place:
“Currently, I am the new Adult Instructor/Case Manager. I teach soft and hard skills to prepare Project Place’s clients for any workplace settings. As a case manager, I plan to support my clients who are a part of my caseload. My goal is to ensure my clients receive the support and guidance needed to succeed at both Project Place and beyond.”

What inspires me? 
“I am inspired to support Project Place’s clients for both personal and professional reasons. I grew up in impoverished communities as both a kid and a young adult. I relied on my intrinsic motivation and my education to gradually get myself out of poverty. I plan to work with people, so they can also build a better world for today and tomorrow’s generations.”
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