A component of Project Place’s Strategic Plan is Reentry Replication. The cultivation of strong community partnerships is instrumental in implementing this initiative. In October, Project Place’s new Reentry Replication Navigator, Joli S. Bayron, started a new collaboration with The Wyman Recovery Center. 

The Wyman Recovery Center is run by the Boston Public Health Commission and serves men seeking a safe and sober living environment upon their release from correctional institutions. The Wyman Center is 4-6 months intensive inpatient facility and focuses on the physiological, psychological, and socioeconomic consequences of substance abuse. This partnership will provide a new anger management group once a week facilitated by Project Place, and the accessibility for men to enroll in Project Place programming services and receive wraparound case management support. 

This partnership has provided the opportunity and accessibility for the men to find permanent job placement and stabilization back into the community that they need to secure a bright future.

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