By Jocelyn

I’m in a home without a key.
The door is locked.
How did i get in?
There is a bedroom,
Living room, bathroom,
Kitchen, and a dining room.
Each room is furnished.
Food, electricity, hot water,
Cable TV, internet and books.
A used washcloth in the shower,
Next to men’s body wash.
Dove men’s deodorant and
A used Gillette men’s razor.
Even though the home is furnished
It still feels empty inside.
As if no one really spends time here.
The kitchen is spotless
The appliances look brand new
Some of the food in the fridge expired.
The stove, counters and table are dusty.
The Décor in each room says
This Is a man’s home.
Black and red furniture in the living room
A sectional couch is red and leather
The Mob Movie framed Posters on the wall :
Scarface, Casino, Goodfellas.
Who is this man?
Did he let me in?
Why grant me access?
If he is barely here, why am I?
I don’t have a change of clothes
I don’t even have a tooth brush here.
What does he want from me?

Am I here to cook and clean?
Or am here solely to entertain?
Maybe all of the above and then go home?

Until I am summoned again?
What is the point of my being here?
I can no longer be where I don’t fit.