By Tammie

I keep it hidden and I become the victim of no return. I feel like I was a part of flesh that burned
inside my skin. Some turmoil has happened to me. Whispers are all around. Staring at me like
I’m damaged goods, spoiled food that stinks everywhere, they would say.

Slowly, I forgot what my purpose was in life. Yes purpose! It might be common to others, but
not to me. Figure it out, they would say. How? When I can’t find my own damn life that always
drifted away. You think I’m proud of who I’ve become? Damaged goods like a withered flower
that crumbles in the sun.

Caught up, or should I say wrapped around a ten-foot pole with holes I’m carrying on my back
tearing me down day after day. Damaged goods, that stand in my way.

People always try to tell your life for you, like they’ve been in your shoes. Be you, don’t never
change for any one. I did. look what I got out of the deal. Damaged goods took me for a loop
like a roller coaster up and down bringing me back to reality, I must say.

How would I feel to let you know I don’t give a damn about what you think of me? Remember –
I’m damaged goods. You left me alone, no one to count on. You never came to save me. All I
wanted was for you to hold me and say you loved me. Remember: damaged goods I was, and
that’s why you left me.

Look at my point of view. Think back to when it was so simple to just be whoever you wanted
to be. Selfish things came over our way, took over our minds, not knowing any why or how.
Surrounded us in darkness any time it wanted to come our way. Damaged goods, I might say.

Hold on! Let me say something to you before you label me as a convict. We are not numbers; we’re humans trying to find our way as damaged goods take a toll on us at the end of the day.