By Yuting

I have always said I could sacrifice my life for Boston. I love this city, so full of history. Boston is like a European city. Many churches, great universities. The Chinese culture makes me think of study. Education is the most important thing in the world: to get the highest degree is my responsibility. I try to be my best. Not just in school, but in everything.

But it’s the Boston culture that makes me become myself. America can never stop welcoming immigrants, because to do so would be to quash one of its most enduring dreams. Safeguards are, of course, necessary, but new blood that comes with immigration keeps the dream of America alive for all U.S. citizens. If someone like me wants to come here and embrace the culture, that makes the U.S. culture stronger and at the same time reminds us why America is unique. Everyone has an American Dream. Every human life is equally valuable. Each person’s story is vital. Mine is just one.