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Awards & Recognition 2020

-Project Place was recognized by the Department of Transitional Assistance (providing support and empowerment to low-income individuals and families) for “the level of work & creativity in providing Employment & Training services & supports during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.”

-The Community Engagement office of Simmons University awarded Project Place with the Outstanding Community Partner Award in recognition of our partnership with their courses and students. The award recognizes a community partner for sustained partnership in a spirit of collaboration and mutual benefit as evidenced by:

  • The community partner’s active and effective collaboration in the  development, design, implementation and/or evaluation of project(s) or activities undertaken in partnership with a course or program at Simmons.
  • The community’s partner’s commitment to clear and regular communication about their own needs and capacity, and willingness to provide feedback about how the relationship is progressing and community impact.
  • The community partner’s interest in and commitment to student development as an a element of a successful partnership.

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Strategic Plan Overview

In Fall 2019, Project Place revealed its 5-year strategic plan. The plan outlines the objectives and general direction of the organization in coming years as well as details next steps to continue working towards our mission of ending homelessness in Boston. After over a year of planning, we have determined several areas of growth we will be focusing on.

Our main goals are to:

  1. Create new structure for initial and ongoing client stabilization.
  2. Enhance industry training and impart more credentials.
  3. Further integrate and increase capacity in our social enterprises.
  4. Replicate our evidence-based Reentry model in new communities.

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