“If I look at my life last year, I wouldn’t imagine I would be where I am today. I feel like I’m becoming the person I’m supposed to be.”

Tinisha was born to parents who were addicts. She was abused as a child and sold to a drug dealer at the age of 11. She was raised by the drug dealer and that was the only lifestyle she knew. Tinisha ended up dealing drugs and become addicted herself. She spent some time in jail. When she got out, she knew she had to break the cycle and find a new path. She has been in recovery for two years now.

After completing Project Place’s Work Ready program, Tinisha was employed in Project Place’s Working Opportunities for Women (WOW) enterprise, where she learned production, assembly, ordering, sales and marketing skills. She has been able to translate those skills to a new job, and now works for a company that makes caramel. Tinisha proudly shares, “I’ve reached a lot of my goals. I have my own place and I’m in a job where I can grow within the company.”

“I don’t live the life of addiction anymore. I’m able to help people with my story, and I’m able to ask for help. It all has to do with Project Place… There was a way out, and Project Place opened up their doors and showed me how.”