“People are very supportive of each other at Project Place. We all come from different paths, but we are all here for the same goal, to become gainfully employed.”

Marybeth worked as a nurse for 35 years. Faced with domestic violence in her marriage, she was forced out of her apartment and found herself without a home two days before Christmas in 2014. She was left with only the clothes on her back. She acknowledges that “a lot of people don’t come back from that”. The situation certainly took a toll on her mental health. Marybeth lost her job during that time period and struggled to get back on her feet.

Marybeth is currently staying at the YWCA. She was there a few months back when she first heard about Project Place. Marybeth graduated from Project Place’s Work Ready program in January and began working at Working Opportunities for Women (WOW). While it has been a new experience to be in food service, Marybeth enjoys the hands-on-work. She has received her ServSafe certification and completed the National Customer Service exam through Project Place. She is currently applying to jobs in the customer service field and is preparing for a job fair later this month. She is actively looking for housing, and she hopes to find a place to call home in Cambridge.