“What I think makes Project Place unique is the one-on-one counseling and the teachers-the attention that they are able to give to you. They build you up to help you succeed. And that’s what I needed. This place just opened the world for me.”

As a young man, Dexter served as a Marine for six years. When he came home, he built a career in finance and worked for 24 years in this field. When his company decided to downsize, he ended up without a job at the age of 55. With no source of income, he soon found himself homeless. He went to the VA for assistance and was referred to Project Place in 2015.

After completing Project Place’s Work Ready program, Dexter worked in Project Place’s Home Plate enterprise for several months. His time at Project Place helped prepare him to interview and his references from Project Place helped him secure a job. Dexter is now going on his third year working as a concierge for a private residence, a job he loves and feels valued in. He has also found a comfortable place to live. Dexter is a family-oriented man and enjoys spending time with his parents, children and grandchild