Founded in 1967, Project Place has evolved over the years in response to the changing needs of individuals struggling with homelessness and poverty in the Boston community. Coupling innovative programming with case management and career services, Project Place provides real opportunities and hope to motivated men and women to change their situations. It is critical to our mission that clients not only obtain employment and housing, but they retain that stability long term.

To accomplish this, we provide an array of services and training opportunities including referrals, classroom-based work and life skills training programs, transitional employment, wrap-around case management, housing support services, job search guidance and alumni support for at least two years beyond job placement. Our goal is for each individual entered in our services to obtain self-sufficiency for their continued success long after completing programming. All clients are served based on their Individual Career Plan which is developed one-on-one with the individual’s case manager and places emphasis on both personal growth and skill development equally.

Project Place initially developed a name for itself as a safe haven for runaway and at-risk teens. Starting in the 1980s, Project Place shifted its role in the community by serving adults. During the 1990s we introduced our social enterprises, transitional employment that provides real job experience to clients, to further enhance our job training curriculum. In the early 2000’s, we introduced reentry targeted programming, for those returning to communities from incarceration, into our workforce development program. Most recently, we have added more advanced training to better equip clients with specific skills that will help them obtain jobs in today’s market. We have also gone deeper to offer uniquely focused services to meet the needs of those returning to communities from incarceration, homeless women (particularly those with children), and veterans. As we continue to expand outreach and the scope of our services we are committed to maintaining the quality and depth of current programming.