Emily Rittenour profile picture

Emily Rittenour grew up in a small town in southern Maryland. When she entered Maryland’s Salisbury University, she was not expecting to study social work, but ended up finding a true passion for the field after a very impactful volunteer experience. “I was actually an Environmental Law major to start with and I was planning…

Katy Dirks Profile picture

Katy Dirks brings an integrated approach to her new position at Project Place. Katy is a substance abuse counselor and licensed mental health clinician (LMHC), as well as an experienced leader in fundraising, communications and events planning. She began her career with an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice Studies and went on to pursue a…

profile picture of Shannon our client of the quarter

We are pleased to announce our next Client of the Quarter! This quarter we honor Shannon for her hard-work, progress and positivity.  Shannon will proudly tell you that she is one year clean and moving forward in her life towards her goals. Before coming to Boston, Shannon was living in Brockton and struggling with substance abuse….

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