Most clients enter Project Place from situations where hope has been absent. They see Project Place as a chance to engage in the process of creating a new future. Here they find hope.

Project Place staff dedicate themselves to each client’s success in completing a program, landing a job, and finding permanent housing. We can do our best work when clients enroll ready to commit to sobriety and to making permanent changes that will result in employment and stable housing. Project Place staff provides services in instances that can be disheartening to people without support—

  1. We understand that a client requires social, emotional, and educational support to begin to manage an ordinary life. When a client enters the program after serving time in a corrections facility, the idea of managing an ordinary life can seem overwhelming. The Project Place case manager advises the client on adherence to the terms of parole and how to build trust with the court system.
  2. We recognize that a woman who’s been separated from her children can feel that the rifts in her family are unsolvable. With staff support, she can work on a strategy to rejoin and repair disrupted relationships. The woman, who had had children removed from her care, can discover that she has the wherewithal to put her life in order and get her family back together.
  3. We work  with people in recovery, through their hopelessness. Staff support for staying sober is one of our most important services. To take part in Project Place programs, each client must commit to living drug- and alcohol-free. With guidance, clients can learn to accept referrals to programs that can help them make the commitment to sobriety and with it increased self-confidence and self-reliance.
  4. We offer another view of life to someone who’s been homeless and exhausted from to moving from one shelter to another. Homeless adults come to Project Place committed to making long-term changes. They’re prepared to show up every day and on time. They demonstrate that they are ready to do the hard work in classes, to work on personal issues, to become employed, and to find housing.

Project Place Community

Every member in the Project Place community plays a role in furthering its mission

1. Clients

Clients are at the heart of the program. They are highly motivated to take advantage of Project Place offerings. They come for a second chance at building new ways of living. They all dedicate themselves to daily participation in academic and life skills training. They are a hard-working group grateful to move on from difficult times to creating a future of self-reliance. They prepare for the work world by acquiring basic skills and training to achieve their goals.

They appreciate the education that makes it possible to get employed and the personal support they receive from caseworkers. Graduates of the program report that the program gives them renewed interest in living a productive life. The support of a caring and capable community provides the basis for wanting to succeed. When they join the program, Project Place clients find new opportunities to make amends, repair the past, and focus on the future.

2. Project Place Staff

Our staff operate out of the conviction that “No matter our titles, we are all here to help.” The common thread is a passion for working with the population. There’s an uncommon hands-on collaboration among staff members that indicates their thorough commitment to clients.

Our staff works tirelessly in their jobs spreading knowledge and know-how to deserving individuals who make up the student body. They all play a role in developing client programs. Client Services and Education and Training staffs deliver programs and supervise classroom and workplace projects.

The diverse backgrounds and work experience of workshop leaders and caseworkers include certified teachers and licensed social workers. Twenty percent are Project Place graduates. Among the instructors are an emergency medical technician, a former corrections officer, several veterans, and residential setting counselors.

3. The Executive Director

Gives form and shape to the organization. With the support and validation of the Board of Directors, she is responsible for overall leadership.

Serving on the executive staff are:

  • The Director of Finances and Social Enterprises responsible for the $4 million annual budget
  • The Director of Development, who works in concert with the executive director to bring in funds in from government, foundations, corporate, and personal donors.

4. Veterans’ Services Staff

Key staff members, who have served in the armed forces, specialize in guiding veterans through the process of applying for the benefits they deserve. The process becomes transparent to the client, who can take advantage of federally funded programs for health care and housing. These staff advocate on behalf of returning military with the intention of opening doors to employment.

5. Board of Directors

The Project Place Board of Directors is an active board that meets monthly. The Board is comprised of individuals with a sincere desire to help the homeless regain control of their lives through steady employment and stable living situations. Individuals come from the local community, from business and professions; and they include at least one graduate of the program. They believe in the mission, promote the cause, and make every effort to make Project Place a strong community resource. See board

6. Donors

We are grateful for the generous financial support that Project Place receives for day-day-day functions and special programs.

We are grateful for the generous support that Project Place receives for day-to-day functions and special programs.  Funding and in-kind donations are received from a diverse funding base of public and private grants, individuals, businesses and the community at large.

Annual Report

Private Donors have many giving options.

Contributions may be made in someone’s honor or memory.

The Wall of Hope lends a colorful and touching display of support to our community. Your name, the name of someone you want to honor or a simple message can be hand painted on tiles that form our Wall of Hope 

United Way and Matching Gift programs

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Circle of Champions

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Methods of Payment

You may send your donation

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7. Volunteers

Project Place Volunteers provide a range of essential resources through the donation of time, in-kind services, and events planning. They are a vibrant group, who want to give back to the community and find Project Place an excellent focus for their energy and effort. They have much to offer in enthusiasm and capacity. Volunteers plan and run our two major fundraisers every year.

Individual volunteers provide direct services in response to clients’ needs for assistance on matters such as tax prep, job research, or tutoring. The generosity of volunteers provides more than service; their involvement shines as an example of compassion and hope for clients and staff.

The Project Place Young Professionals (PPYP) is a philanthropic arm of Project Place dedicated to advancing the mission of hope and opportunity for homeless individuals, as well as to broadening community support and awareness to end homelessness.