Suzanne Kenney's headshot




Suzanne Kenney

Executive Director


Headshot of Marcie Laden



Marcie Laden

Director of Development & Strategic Initiatives


Headshot of Alan Lehmann




Alan Lehmann

Director of Finance & Social Enterprise


Headshot of Polly Hanson




Polly Hanson

Associate Director



Headshot of Nhu-Y




Nhu-Y Nguyen

Accounting & Admin Manager



Headshot of Tara McCabe




Tara McCabe

Development Manager


Headshot of Whitney Bailer




Whitney Bailer

Special Events & Communications Manager


Workforce Development & Career Services




Beth Carter

Director of Workforce Development


Female headshot silhouette



Svetla Georgieva

Computer Instructor/Case Manager


Head shot of Allie Orlando




Allie Orlando

Employer & Skills Partners Coordinator


Female headshot silhouette



Jenna McCarthy

Instructor/Case Manager


Headshot of Victoria Patlajan




Victoria Patlajan

Instructor/Case Manager





Dana Sooknanan

Career Coordinator


Client & Alumni Services

Headshot of Azeb Girma




Azeb Girma

Case Manager


Female headshot silhouette



Pam Goncalves

Program Coordinator of Working Opportunities for Women/Case Manager


Headshot of Don Mitchell




Donald Mitchell

Veterans’ Outreach Employer Coordinator


Female headshot silhouette



Carol Reid

Betty’s Place Program & Housing Coordinator


Reentry Services

Female headshot silhouette



Marisa D’Errico

Retention Specialist/Case Manager


Headshot of Annalia Guerrero




Annalia Guerrero

Case Manager & Translation Services


Female headshot silhouette



Heather Hayes

Instructor/Case Manager


Social Enterprises/Operations

Headshot of Sandy Madero




Sandy Madero

Working Opportunities for Women Manager


Headshot of June McCoy-Reid




June McCoy-Reid



Headshot of Rorery Perrymany




Rorery Perryman

Pepsi/Vending and Logistics Manager


Silhouette of a male headshot



Joel Reyes

Clean Corners… Bright Hopes Operations Supervisor


Silhouette of a male headshot



Wilfredo Rodriguez

Clean Corners… Bright Hopes Site Supervisor


Headshot of Jackson Sena




Jackson Sena

Clean Corners… Bright Hopes Operations Manager