Jobs • Housing • Hope

Project Place provides essential resources to clients who want to find meaningful work and a place to call home. The organization offers a coordinated plan of services toward clients’ goals of employment, shelter, and hope for the future.

A prominent social service agency in Boston, Project Place has been working in the community since 1967 serving clients in the face of significant challenges. As the needs of the population have shifted over the years, Project Place has responded by refocusing its programs to fit current needs. Since the need for jobs and housing has never been greater, Project Place operates out of a sense of urgency with compassion and the know-how to support personal change.

Until now, Project Place clients have had limited options for employment stemming from problems related to poverty and insufficient education to perform adequately in today’s workplace. Most clients have experienced interruptions in the flow of their lives stemming from drug and alcohol abuse, military service, family breakdown, incarceration, domestic violence, mental illness, or a cluster of these problems that are overwhelming to overcome without assistance.

Prospective clients come to us through word-of-mouth and by referrals from community and church centers. We offer a warm welcome into the community to those who demonstrate a willingness to do the hard work necessary to set and meet long-term goals. The first requirement for admissions is a commitment to personal stability, including gaining and maintaining sobriety and meeting the full attendance requirement of the programs.