From factory to farm stand: pictures are the women of WOW, training at the facility in South Boston.
COOP’s makes all natural, artisanal dessert sauces and hot cocoa mix, and became WOW’s first partner in April. In order to be eligible to work with WOW, women must first complete Project Place’s Work Ready class. Once in the program, they receive further training in production, marketing, and sales through our Competitive Advantage training program, as well as Serv-Safe food safety training. WOW job placements last for three months, and Project Place expects to employ 10 women in our first year.
COOP’s founder Marc “Coop” Cooper, is excited about the partnership, stating that “The fact that employees are getting valuable training that will help them become independent and better care for their families means you can indulge in our gourmet dessert sauces without any guilt.”

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