Project Place Staff Section

*This should only be filled out if this client has already submitted an intake form and only the staff information section is needed.*

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-Below is the Summary and Impressions section-

As you write your impressions please be thoughtful. Be sure to address the following in your summary:

  • Things that you didn’t understand/were confusing while speaking with the client
  • Areas/points a supervisor should address with client in check out
  • Recommended programming and WHY you recommend
  • As a case manager what would YOU want to know about this client?
  • Client's identified priorities
  • Your recommended priorities – if different
  • Any red flags, comments that stuck out to you – You don’t need to know why it stuck out to you but the information may be useful, nonetheless
  • When notable, provide direct quotes from client using quotations

Instructions for completing forms

We are going to try to integrate important forms into the enrollment application. Right now, they are only viewable if a Project Place staff member is filling out/assisting a client in filling out this form. This is experimental so please reach out to me if the instructions are unclear, if something is not working, or if you have additional feedback!

  1. Please read all directions before clicking this link. Fillable PDF available here.
  2. Complete the forms (they are editable).

You have two choices for filling out and uploading the document to this form. The link will open the PDF in a new tab. You can do either option:

  1. Complete within the browser (in the new tab where it opens).
    1. Fill out the document within the browser
    2. Press the printer icon in the top right of the screen and in the print options instead of a printer select Save as PDF. *Do not download after filling it out, you will lose your entries*
  2. Download to your computer first – Then Complete
    1. BEFORE you fill out the document, download to your computer or OneDrive
    2. Open in Adobe Reader
    3. Complete the fillable document
    4. Save (will automatically save as a pdf)

After choosing either option and filling out the form, click 'Choose File' below and upload the completed PDF.