What is a day in the life of Loie like at Project Place?

“Really there is no typical day for me. I am doing anything from cleaning at Coops to writing a business plan. I also spend considerable time coordinating with the owner of Coops. We talk about production and safety for the clients. We also work together to make plans and review how we can make WOW a better learning experience for the clients.”

What inspires Loie to work in WOW?

“My biggest inspiration comes from the clients in WOW who work hard to change their lives.”

What would Loie like people to understand about the challenges that women, especially mothers, who are experiencing homelessness and poverty face?

“There are many challenges women face. Women often carry weights that men do not. The three that are most prevalent are:

Women must find safe and reliable childcare, which is not an easy task and if their children become sick, they must stay home with them. For single mothers especially, this makes it harder to maintain employment.

Another challenge is that often women are victims of domestic violence. This makes it difficult for them to stand up for themselves with courage and confidence, which takes a lot of patience and practice.

Lastly, a major challenge for women is that getting out of the loop of poverty takes time and perseverance. It takes time for a woman to build up her salary, experience, and employment which can be a frustrating and long process.”

What are you working on that you’re most excited about right now?

“It is all exciting! We work hard on the product over at Coops and making sure it is all done well. We are also connecting our clients to the pride connected with positive customer feedback.  Along with this, we constantly are working on taking responsibility for our behavior, organization, and strategies to move forward in a positive way. We want WOW to be a training ground for successful future employment. Currently, we have just caught up from a huge backlog, which took a lot of hard work.”

Outside of Project Place, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Normally, pre-COVID I would row on an eight women team in the mornings. I also spend my time training for a long bike ride that raises money for cancer. Along with this, I love mediating and doing yoga, I also like to cook, and I love spending time with friends!”

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