What will a day in the life of Brette look like at Project Place?

“As an Adult Education Teacher and Case Manager, my role at Project Place will likely look a little bit different each day. You can expect to find me teaching Work Ready classes or workshops and working with clients on job readiness and technology skills.”

What inspired Brette to work at Project Place?

“I’ve been excited about Project Place’s work since I heard about it while working at a Boston-based architecture firm. After gaining experience in social service work and education through nonprofit organizations and a residential high school, I was eager to work at the intersection of the two. I was already interested in working with Project Place, and the overwhelming kindness of the staff in my outreach and interview processes confirmed that inclination.”

What would you like people to understand about the challenges that individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty are facing during this pandemic? 

“What I’d most like people to understand about folks experiencing homelessness and poverty during this global pandemic is that another world is possible. When we as a society and as a network in the Greater Boston Area recognize people’s resilience and uplift their victories, we move further from a social contract that promotes organized abandonment. Alleviating the barriers that keep folks from stable housing and consistent jobs has always been crucial, but is of paramount importance at a time when people’s bodily safety is under threat from a virus.”

What aspect of your new job are you most excited about right now? 

“Since I’m new to the organization and am still getting a feel for my role, I am most excited about meeting all the incredible people who work for and with Project Place. I already feel welcome to the space, and I’d say that’s a testament to the climate that has been curated by my colleagues.”  

Outside of Project Place, what would we find Brette doing?

“The pandemic has certainly encouraged me to cultivate the hobbies in my life, some of which are: long-distance running, baking, gardening, and trying to get my (mostly) indoor cat to come on walks with me outside. My next goal is to learn how to roller-skate.”

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