What inspires Gina to work at Project Place? 

“My favorite part of working at Project Place is building relationships with the clients. Clients can sometimes have their guard up when they first come in, especially if they’ve been let down by the system for a long time. It’s always inspiring to see clients find their voice and begin to advocate for themselves and prioritize their needs!” 

What is a day in the life of Gina like at Project Place? 

“A typical day in the life at Project Place usually starts with me making a to-do list and seeing what needs to be prioritized first. When I’m not teaching class for our Industry Internship Program, most of my day consists of meeting with clients on my case load or students who need assistance.”  

What would Gina like people to understand about some of the barriers that individuals experiencing homelessness, poverty and reentry face while trying to secure employment?  

“What I’d most like people to understand is that homelessness does not discriminate and really can happen to anyone. There is a stigma around homelessness, poverty, and incarceration that need to be broken down. Doing so begins with shifting the focus and blame from the individuals effected to the economic and social systems that are in place that severely limit the opportunities that individuals have access to.” 

What is Gina working on that she’s most excited about right now?  

“We are currently transitioning back into the building following the pandemic, so I am most excited to be able to teach class in-person again! In-person classes hold space for more impactful discussions and help the clients to build and feel a sense of community at Project Place!” 

Outside of Project Place, what would we find Gina doing? 

“Outside of Project Place you can almost always find me listening to music and creating art. Last year, I started a small business selling original and custom hand embroidery, which keeps me very busy!” 

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