Photo: Alison Babka and her children pose for a photo before helping to fill the bags. 

This past November, South End families came together at Cathedral High School to donate and fill 150 reusable grocery bags with delicious Thanksgiving food for Project Place students and their families. Fifty generous individuals and families donated a total of $5,800 worth of items, including fresh food as well as gift cards that covered the cost of a turkey, and children made personal “Happy Thanksgiving” notes to put in each bag. We estimate that close to 600 people enjoyed the donated food!

Alison Babka, who led the drive, explained that she did so because she and her fellow donors and volunteers care deeply about their community and want their children to value active participation and giving back. “As families living in the South End and other Boston neighborhoods, we have so much to be thankful for and so it’s important — especially during the holiday season — to remember those who have been less fortunate and support the local organizations that work to help them. We were all really excited to be packing these meals for women and men who come to Project Place.”

A special thanks to Oscar Santos, Ed.D., Head of School at Cathedral High School, for arranging for the school to be open so the volunteers could set-up and fill the baskets!

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